Skylight Installation

Proper skylight installations are critical to their performance as well as the performance of your roofs.

Following a set of instructions is not enough to ensure a long service life of your skylight. The assembly and glazing of your skylight to the exact specifications that it was designed and engineered for is essential. Our skylight technicians have the knowledge and experience to complete the skylight installation and identify and correct any oversights that may exist ensuring a successful project.

We are are consistently noted for our professionalism because we bring only the best customer service oriented skylight technicians to your roof. We are a skylight contractor that other companies look to for skylight installations that other contractors, roofers or glaziers may shy away from. With our level of expertise, we make solutions that fit your needs and conditions of your project. We work with project architects, manufacturers and suppliers to install your skylights  and make sure the finished product is exactly what you require. Feel free to contact the one of our professionals to install your next skylight.

Each skylight project, upon completion, is carefully critiqued because our goal is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality products, installed by our skilled installation teams.

Skylights are manufactured to work with certain types of roofs whether they are sloped or flat. We provide you with professional advice to ensure the model you select is made for the type of roof you have. We will walk you through the process of choosing the materials and filters that are right for you whether it is glass, acrylic or plastic and then you must choose the glaze.

The first step is deciding what type of skylight you want taking into consideration the size, shape and design.

Commercial SkylightsThe most common skylight types are the following:

  • Dome skylight
  • Flat skylight
  • Pyramid skylight
  • Round skylight
  • Hip ridge skylight
  • Ridge skylight
  • Polygon skylight
  • Lean to skylight
  • Barrel vault

The second step is to choose the material. The most common types are acrylic, lexan and glass. Your material choice is dependent on what look you want to achieve, how much your financing allows and if there are any local building codes that will dictate the material allowed:

  • Acrylic is the most economical and most popular synthetic glazing on the market. It is available in tints, is UV resistant and is used in virtually all climates on single or double glazed applications.
  • Lexan is another synthetic glazing by General Electric which provides similar characteristics as acrylics with one added benefit- impact resistance against wind-borne debris. Due to its’ inherent strength, Lexan is more often used in hurricane and tornado climates.
  • Glass, which is laminated glass to be exact, is and has always been utilized for overhead glazing. Although not available for dome skylights, performance glass, monolithic and insulated, glass can be used with a variety of enhancements including Low-E coatings, reflective coatings, a variety of tints and inert gas fillings. Many applications may require a glass product which is both versatile and durable and is also used in hurricane or tornado climates.

Our third step in a skylight installation process is choosing the type of glazing you want:

  • Single glazing is available in acrylic, lexan and laminated glass.
  • Dual glazing is available in acrylic and lexan with the added benefit of an insulating air space that is mechanically sealed. Dual glazed skylights allow for greater thermal efficiency and better sound reduction from rain, hail and other external noise.
  • Insulated glass is available for glass skylights only with the air space between the glass plates in the skylight being hermetically sealed.

Finding the right location

Commercial SkylightsBy carefully choosing the location of your skylight, you can control the amount of heat –  as well as the light – that it provides. A skylight can be an important source of passive solar heating. When installed on a north-facing roof, a skylight can provide fairly constant but cool illumination. One on an east-facing roof would provide maximum light and solar heat gain in the morning. A west-facing skylight provides afternoon sunlight, but it can produce large amounts of unwanted heat in the late afternoon.

For passive solar heat gain in the winter, a south-facing skylight is the best choice. Unfortunately, it also produces the most heat gain in summer, unless you shade it somehow. One way to solve this problem is to shade the roof and its skylight with deciduous trees that lose their leaves in winter.

After we have chosen the right materials and location for your skylight, your needs and your budget we will select the right type of mounting frame for your skylight and install it leaving you with the ideal amount of light in your building.

Beyond design and installation, we offer a wide variety of other skylight related products and services.

We provide skylight replacement, sun screen shades, fall protection screens for skylights and burglar bars for skylights. Whether your project is large or small, commercial or residential, we are your one-stop shop for all of your skylight needs.

If you’re in need of a skylight  installation and are located within the GTA, Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, Brampton, North York, Vaughan and Milton area, contact us today for a quick quote!