A large percentage of the skylights in the GTA are over ten years old and scheduled skylight maintenance is often forgotten. Glass fails, gaskets shrink, flashing comes loose and the skylight starts to leak. Our knowledge of skylights has made us a specialty contractor for skylight renovation, re-conditioning and skylight repair. We can modernize your old skylights by providing:

Skylight Repairs

  • Skylight repair technicians to investigate any problems
  • Inspection and evaluation services
  • Guaranteed leak stop services
  • Glass replacements
  • Flashing and exterior metal upgrades
  • Gasket replacements and silicone wet sealing
  • New glazing

We perform skylight repairs on an extremely wide variety of manufacturers to extend the service life of your skylight.

Our sister company Roof Maintenance.ca also offers roofing services so many of our skylight technicians are also roofing contractors. If required, we can repair the roof area surrounding your skylight which could possibly be the real problem. A professional inspection will inform you if this is what is needed.

Shattered Skylight? Contact us.To Replace or Repair?

In most cases a skylight can be repaired rather than being completely replaced. Skylight replacement or new skylight installations can be a major construction project. We have found that most building owners or property managers are satisfied with their current skylight system, but are unaware of  proper maintenance procedures. At Skylight Installers.ca, we can provide maintenance plans that can save you the added expense of a repair or replacement and possible day to day business interruption that would come with a completely new skylight installation.

Causes of Skylight Leaks

Many skylight leaks begin when water makes its way under gaps in the skylight itself, into the flashing around the skylight, or the flat roof membrane that goes up the curb. When this water freezes, it expands causing the gap to expand. After a few seasons of this expansion and contraction, your skylight will start to leak.

Another cause of skylight leaks is improper installation. Improper flashing installation accounts for the large majority of skylight leaks which is why it is always recommended that a professional install any type of skylight.

Other common problems that can come from your skylight include:

  • condensation from poor insulation
  • too much heat
  • mold or mildew from constant dampness
  • your roof membrane could rot and air could get in resulting in decreased energy efficiency

Also, too much daylight or a glare from a skylight can become a large issue especially in a commercial building. The amount of sunlight and the glare are things that you should be able to control either by the location on the roof where your skylight is placed, the glaze and remote control options you have for your skylight. We have also seen many cases where the venting for the skylight no longer opens or the motor does not work.

These are all problems with your skylight that we can fix.

If you’re in need of skylight repairs and are located within the GTA, Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, Brampton, North York, Vaughan and Milton area, contact us today for a quick quote!